DS Biopharma Acquires Patent Application

DS Biopharma Enters into Clinical Supply Agreement
January 11, 2012
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DS Biopharma Acquires Patent Application

DS Biopharma today announced that it has signed an assignment agreement with Equateq to acquire patent application PCT/GB2010/000844.

The terms of the agreement were undisclosed. The patent application enables the prosecution of claims that would cover topical formulations of DS Biopharma’s lead compound, DS107, and the company’s highly promising second generation compounds.

Jonathan D. Rowe, Ph.D., Head of Intellectual Property and Portfolio Strategy for DS Biopharma, stated, “The development and acquisition of intellectual property is a cornerstone of DS Biopharma’ product development model. This is an ideal agreement, allowing each company to focus on its strengths. DS Biopharma has the expertise to bring these compounds to market, and Equateq has the know-how and capability to best manufacture the active ingredients.”

Adam Kelliher, Equateq CEO and founder, said: “DS understands the vast potential of these novel compounds, which hold great promise for providing effective treatment for chronic skin conditions, with no side effects. We look forward to supporting their plans to prove robust clinical efficacy, and ultimately, bringing these APIs to market.”

About Equateq

Equateq is a privately-owned lipid production company based in the Western Isles of Scotland, where its facility has been concentrating lipids for nearly 30 years. Equateq is fully cGMP compliant, as certified by the UK’s health authority, the MHRA, and for manufacturing lipid APIs, uses its Maxomega™ technology. This concentration method is based on advanced HPLC separation, and allows Equateq to deliver specific lipid APIs at up to 99% purity at commercial scale.

About DS107

DS107 is a topical formulation of a semi-synthetic fatty acid. DS107 is currently being studied for use in treating acne and atopic dermatitis.

About DS Biopharma

DS Biopharma, a privately held biopharmaceutical company, was established to discover and develop scientifically innovative healthcare solutions that improve the quality of life for people with diseases for which current therapies are unsatisfactory. DS Biopharma is led by recognized experts in developing fatty acids, including their bioactive derivatives, for the treatment of human disease.


DS Biopharma: investorrelations@dsbiopharma.com, +35312933590


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